Yeskon Konteyner Taşımacılık Hizmetleri Denizcilik ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. had been established in 2007, in order to provide international shipping services. Yeskon easily produces solutions for companies general logistics demands. 

Our company serves on international shipping by it's professional and well trained team. We produce the most cost efficient and precise logistics solutions to our customers from place of loading until arrival point in terms of transportation, transport insurance and custom procedures. Our company which has customer focused working policy, treats to customers of our customers' in the same sensivity and provides them the same information flow as a result of our Customer Satisfaction Policy.

Yeskon provides services to Far Eastern, European, Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean, American and Black Sea regions in increasing form by the help of his wide range of global Agent network, and gives best service to customers by maintaining optimal logistics solution and lowest cost.


Increasing recent service network and becoming a brand, by making suitable investments to frequently changing needs of customers in the global World and quickly responding to expectations of our customers by building our own offices in foreign countries and in all exit points of Turkey.


The objective of Yeskon is, creating awareness in it's sector and in concierge service mentality it is updating R&D studies that are bounded to each different type of customer, commodity and region not only for logistics service but also for increasing the capabilities like being a consultant of the customer

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